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Information for Seniors in the Central Alberta Region with the Main Office in Camrose, Alberta

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Your safety matters to us. In the past few years Scams are happening more frequently and they can appear in many forms such as e-mail, phone calls, text messages, and advertisements on social media. When you feel that something is wrong, trust your instinct and follow these tips:

Text messages and e-mails

  • Do I know the person that is contacting me?
  • Am I expecting an e-mail or text from this person?
  • Are there any grammatical issues in the text message or e-mail?
  • Is the person contacting me part of a legitimate agency or company?
  • Does the communication seem urgent or dire?
  • Does the message seem to good to be true?
  • Are they demanding me to do something I would never do?
  • Am I being asked to click on a link or open an attachment?


  • Do I know the person contacting me?
  • Does the number seem suspicious?
  • Am I expecting a call from this person
  • Does the message seem off putting or do the words seem out of order?
  • Is the person phoning me part of a legitimate company?
  • Does the call seem urgent, dire, or threatening?
  • Are they demanding me something I would never give them?
  • Am I being asked to hand over important Personal Information?

Here are some actions you can take:
Text messages and e-mail

  • Never click on links or open any attachment when legitimacy is in question. 
  • Never reply back to an e-mail that you deem suspicious or click on any link's to unsubscribe.
  • If the sender claims to be part of a legitimate company or agency, Contact the official agency or business and verify.
  • Never give out passwords or any Personal Information such as bank account numbers or online banking credentials.


  • If you deem the phone call suspicious. hang up.
  • Do not give out any Personal Information to the caller.
  • If the caller claims to be family such as your grandchild, niece, ask them questions that only a loved one could truly answer. Call the child's parents or friends to verify the story.
  • If the caller claims to be part of a legitimate company or agency, take note of their name, hang up, and call the official company or agency to verify. 

If you believe you may have fallen victim to fraud, contact your Financial Institution immediately for more instructions and keep an eye on your account statements for any suspicious activities.

If you want to report fraud use the following resources:

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre


The Competition Bureau's Information Centre


For more information on current scams refer to the Little Black ​Book of Scams by the Competition Bureau